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Merits Srl SB

The platform for the eco-centric economy

We facilitate the creation of social and economic ecosystems based on caring for people, communities and nature. WEBSITE: http://www.merits-system.com COUNTRY: Italy; PROJECT SECTOR: [“Public services”]

CORE TECHNOLOGIES:,“Distributed Ledger ”, “Weezzi Software”, “Blockchain”] PROJECT BRIEF DESCRIPTION Merits is a web app that helps actors of society to develop an economy where financial prosperity is compatible with ecological sustainability and social harmony at local and global level. We empower individuals and firms in their will “to give back to society” and create participative welfare models. The system, now based on a centralized ledger, will evolve in to a decentralized ledger managing a complementary currency used to reward corporate and individual social responsibility. The impacts expected are: increase of trust in the communities; new tools for the public administration to govern the resources of the territory, mobilize the underutilized ones and create synergy between all social actors; boost of fundraising efficacy strategies of not for profit organizations; injection of liquidity for SMEs and families; innovative and high social impact marketing strategies for corporations. We implemented a pilot project with the municipality of Milano in 2018 – 2029 where the merits tokens have been used to reward refugees that have been volunteering in cleaning the periphery of the city. The merits were used as a voucher to buy goods and services at local shops.

BUSINESS MARKET To Local Governments and City Councils we offer solutions to create new participative welfare models; Enterprises find in Merits a provider of innovative mktg solutions leveraging on social impact; SMEs have access to a new generation Commercial Credit Circuit and marketing solutions. The end users that receive the services of Merits for free are: individual donors and companies which donate € to not for profit (NPO) and public organizations and get rewards in merits ; NPOs: can create new fundraising strategies and social impact evaluation/reporting; Volunteers: can be rewarded with merits.

BUSINESS MODEL The service is free for NPOs, donors and volunteers. The revenue streams are: project funds from public administrations and membership + success fees from participating businesses.


Roberto Sanlorenzo: Merits Founder and CEO, he founded the Italian branch of the NGOs Art of Living and IAHV and managed clinical and research projects dedicated to the application of breathing to stress related illnesses publishing several scientific papers.

Carlo Penati: partner at Merits since June 2018, dedicated to networking and strategic planning; entrepreneur, in 30 years of management consulting, he facilitated complex change processes for more than 100 organizations from local governments to banks. Luis Bontempo: partners and CTO at Merits since June 2018. Founder of the software house wezzie awarded as one of the most innovative tech companies from the Portuguese innovation agency and selected for websummit 2017 in Lisbon.

Massimo Boario: partner and Program Manager at Merits since November 2018. Vast experience as Entrepreneur, CEO and Administrative Director. Nicola Ballerini: business development and impact manager at Merits since January 2018. Researcher at Politecnico of Milan in Social Innovation and sustainable Operations.

Xue Pei: service design facilitator at Merits since January 2018, she is a researcher in Service Design at Politecnico of Milano Chiara Bonomi: Communication Manager at Merits since June 2019, senior consultant and trainer in Communication and HR, Founder and President of the Association UnBreakFast


The funds received form Ledger sub grant will be used to migrate our platform to DLTs and to expand the services supported (reward of donations to NPOs and wider range of socially positive behaviours rewarding). Essential to properly implement this important step will be market research, co-design, stakeholders interviews to refine service model and business plan and finally begin to expand the existing community, starting from Milan, involving all clusters of stakeholders.


Our first project has been realized with Milano’s city council, considering that credibility and trust are essential for every currency, , our strategy is leveraging on this first success: we are working to replicate Milano’s project in other Italian cities (in 2020 we will target also key cities in EU); at the same time, thanks to Ledger founds, we will co-design, implement and market the new service that allows us to reward in merits the donors of NPO’s and create high social impact mktg solutions for businesses (B2C and B2B). We will first market this service in Milan and then we will replicate it in other cities based on the request of our clients. This two lines of growth will generate a community of participants that are used to merits tokens and trust Merits organization, creating the basic conditions to introduce, when needed, our specific Mutual Credit Service and complete the profile of Merits as a complementary currency provider. This model can easily scale up in all Europe and requires specific investment only to fine tune it with the national laws regulating the tax bonuses offered to donations.