Library to bridge ECP wallet to Denkhaus Golang Bitshares library
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Go-Prosume : The Golang Wrapper for Prosume project


This library aims to wrap all Prosume-ecp functions into a brand new Go library to interact with the prosume blockchain.

Powered on top of bitshares/graphene, It will require the bitshare go wrapper to work.


The goprosume-ecp package is a freezed version of scorum/go-bitshare edited inside the vendor directory. DO NOT UPDATE IT.


This library comes out with two modes:

  • Package mode : use a global instance provided by the package for a more semantic programming
  • Instance mode : use a custom instance for better control
import (
    prosume ""

// package mode
bal, err := prosume.GetBalance()

// instance mode
instance, err := NewClient(...)
bal2, err := instance.GetBalance()


go test

And that’s it.

Authors and contributors


To contribute to this project, you must build it first.

$> dep ensure
$> go build 

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