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10 Project Aiur

A knowledge validation engine combining blockchain and AI technology

TEAM COMPOSITION: People from one or two legal entities
WEBSITE: https://projectaiur.com/
COUNTRY: Bulgaria
PROJECT SECTOR: [“Open Innovation”]


[“Blockchain technologies”,“Distributed ledger technologies”,“Peer to peer technologies”,“Artificial intelligence”]


We envision a world where the right scientific knowledge is available at our fingertips. Where all research is validated and reproducible, with immutable scientific consensus tracked over time. Where interdisciplinary connections are the norm. Where unbiased scientific information flows freely. Where research already paid for with our tax money is freely accessible to all. Where massive R&D budgets also benefit contributors to core scientific breakthroughs.


Our research assistance premium software products currently cater for university library and research institute use cases. From that toe in the water, our commercial efforts are expanding into corporate R&D, with chemistry as the initial (highly attractive but currently underserved) beachhead market. We believe the proposed Knowledge Validation engine presents an opportunity around R&D automation, a $14bn yearly revenue opportunity (11m R&D researchers and $138bn spent on digital enablers).


The token economics proposed display an ecosystem of different profiles of Contributors and Users incentivised to drive the Knowledge Validation Engine forward. Essentially, from a business model perspective we plan to create a circular token economy. Contributors generate tokens via the provision of value added activities to the Aiur system (training, code commits, research publishing, QA). Users will include R&D personnel, academic consortia, software developers and individual researchers.


Iris.ai is a seed funded, Singularity University, 500 Startups, Founders Factory, German Technology Entrepreneurship Centre and Creative Destruction Lab backed, three year old international startup developing an AI to democratize access to scientific knowledge. Since founding Iris.ai in 2015 we have focused our efforts on developing a machine that can read and understand scientific text. Our initial trajectory has been covered by Fast Company, TechCrunch, Wired, Science Magazine or the World Economic Forum, among others.


Used as a lever, pooled with other investor money to make the project a reality.


We have fundamentally modelled the AIUR token as: (1) the sole instrument available for the community to tap into Aiur directly via an Application Programming Interface (’API’); and, at the same time, (2) a potential voucher, i.e. a digital right to purchase products built on top of Aiur at a discount. Our primary goal distributing AIUR tokens is to align long term incentives with a large and fast growing base of existing community members and early backers, acting as individuals, corporates or institutions. Our secondary goal is to maximize breadth of holders, in particularly among target Aiur users. Besides rewarding existing relationships, the project’s marketing efforts will target allocating tokens in advantageous terms to early backers, and in particular both existing and aspiring scientists, via mechanisms including airdrop and/or bounty campaigns. The Aiur token sale will also target maximizing breadth of holders through expansive social media communications.