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Data privacy powered by Humans for Humans.

  • COMPANY NAME: Georepublic UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • APPLICANT NAME: Daniel Kastl
  • TEAM COMPOSITION: People from one or two legal entities
  • WEBSITE: https://consento.org
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • PROJECT SECTOR: [“Health”,“Public services”,“Open Innovation”]
  • CORE TECHNOLOGIES: [“Distributed ledger technologies”,“Peer to peer technologies”]


Consento is a new decentralized human-centric way to control access to digital private data by sharing parts of the secret key with people we trust!

Consento enables its users to better protect their digital private data with human-centric technology. It allows using a distributed network to securely back up confidential data and control access without the fear of losing passwords. Using shared keys with people (and services) you trust access can be granted or revoked at any time.

Consento is a free and open tool for every citizen to maintain independent control over their confidential data. Even though it provides value as-is, it also allows for value-added services that can easily be offered by independent SME’s. Obvious examples are the unlocking or backup of a vault as a service.

The publication of Consento’s source allows SME’s to gain independent insight and trust in our solution. Consento intends to offer B2B solutions and expertise to SME’s.


  • SMEs, and small scale business professionals - such as lawyers, doctors, journalists, etc. - looking for a secure solution to store and share confidential data with their customers/patients.
  • Law or Notary related professionals looking to offer their trustworthiness - and/or their ISO certified infrastructure - by storing safely the confidential data of professionals, SMEs, or the general public.
  • Governmental institutions


Consento defines a new era for data privacy. The Cloud can not be fully trusted to keep personal and other highly confidential data! \ Consento is developing a decentralized digital vault technology to help small businesses manage confidential data with their customers, using p2p encrypted storage & authenticating by consent given by trustworthy humans, not computers.

The first service Consento intends to test and deliver is for general access to a confidential data safe deposit box (locking/unlocking), with the involvement of professional trustees. The professional trustees being legal SME’s.


  • Daniel is a geographer and software developer, long time advocate and contributor to Open Source projects such as pgRouting. He has co-founded Georepublic in Germany and Japan and employs over 20 people.
  • Martin is an amazing and handsome developer, extremely active as a DAT community leader and contributor of many Open Source projects.
  • Tanja is a young and agile UX/UI designer, stretching from user requirements, to pixel perfect mockups up to easy to implement wireframes.
  • Marc is an experienced service designer, involved in collaborative communities and platform economy projects, master of user testing, and experienced in early stage startup projects (HABx.fr, apricity.life).

The Consento team is global-minded and located in Europe and Japan.


We are planning to use the financial support for

  1. Core technology R&D, contributions to OS projects
  2. User research
  3. UX/UI design for the mobile/desktop app
  4. Technical documentation
  5. Open Source publishing (ie. Github) and community
  6. Promotional materials (website, etc.)
  7. Presenting at (international) conferences/events

LEDGER fund service, that we would like to ask for

  1. Marketing & Sales advice
  2. Coaching for market/biz dev
  3. Legal consulting
  4. Finance & funding advice


Digital data privacy is a ubiquitous business topic. For industries to take part in the digital transformation, data security is crucial, but it requires significant costs and effort to comply with changing digital regulations, not to mention risks and responsibilities that come with the use of external services. Too often trust in anonymous cloud services have proven wrong.

To build its community of users, Consento’s strategy is to promote humanity in digital privacy, using real-world networks and relations. Security greatly depends on how technology is used in practice. May it be individuals or small corporations, we assume that customers are more willing to pay professionals rather than to pay for a technical solution. This is why we believe that a B2B model and equipping professional trustees are the most relevant business solutions for Consento so far. Consento intends to certify small businesses and consultancies into ‘digital trustees’ to jointly provide a “more human” solution of digital trust.

Because of its decentralized nature, scalability is not a technical issue for Consento. Our solution offers privacy by design and enables to easily turn any device into an encrypted data vault and a potential human-to-human authentication interface. The more users participate the more useful it becomes.