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-# iGive2
-iGive2 - Decentralizing chronic disease management with a community based human centred platform that motivates healthy living & self-care and helps to advance research
-PROJECT LEAD: Flavia Wahl TEAM COMPOSITION: iBreve & UniversalDoctor WEBSITE: PROJECT SECTOR: [“Health”]
-CORE TECHNOLOGIES: [“Distributed ledger technologies”,“Peer to peer technologies”,“Artificial intelligence”,“Internet of things”,“Immersive Media”]
-PROJECT BRIEF DESCRIPTION Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death globally, despite upto a staggering 80% of cases in some disease areas like hypertension can be prevented by behavioral & lifestyle choices. Chronic diseases must be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Community care is a more logical approach for chronic disease management because it allows for more continuous care, rather than episodic interventions that only occur when a patient visits their formal care provider. iGive2 is an open & decentralized health care platform to help better manage and prevent chronic diseases by bringing together patients, their families and local communities. It empowers patients to have an impact in health care, which historically was exclusively managed by overloaded centralized institutions. At the same time iGive2 advances cross country chronic disease research in Europe. Clinicians & researchers face high hurdles to access large scale real world data to advance their research and the development of new therapies. The development of new prevention programs & therapies is often hindered by the lack of access to privacy conform aggregated real world data, needed to monitor their effectiveness. iGive2 provides researchers with a secure & GDPR conform platform that enables them to integrate and monitor biosensors & devices in their research studies.
-BUSINESS MARKET iGive2’s open research platform advances research in chronic diseases and at the same time improves the quality of life of patients. According to the World Health Organization, every Euro invested in prevention & tackling non-communicable diseases have a 7 fold return on investment for the society. The development of innovative wearable technologies has raised great interest in new means of data collection in healthcare and biopharmaceutical research and development. Multiple applications for wearables have been identified in a number of therapeutic areas; however, researchers face many challenges in the clinic, including scientific methodology as well as regulatory, legal, and operational hurdles. Adopting new ways of remote data collection can bring new treatments and care management to all patients in need. The global real-world evidence market is valued at 612M € in 2017 and projected to reach 1,348M € by 2023, at a CAGR of 14.3%. The growth of this market is majorly driven by the rising elderly population and the subsequent increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases.
-BUSINESS MODEL iGive2’s business model is built on 3 pillars: 1) Citizen can use it for free to monitor their health & build support hubs. They also have the choice to participate in research projects & donate or get reimbursed in exchange for their anonymized data. 2) Researcher can onboard their study participants on a customised iGive2 platform to get GDPR compliant access to real-time monitoring data with the wearables of their choice. 3) Cities, local shops or healthy living brands can join the platform with a donation type fee to offer sponsored reward campaigns that incentivize healthy behaviors
-TEAM EXPERIENCE We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team combining entrepreneurial expertise with digital health, software development & human centred design. The iGive2 team is supported by a GP that also advises the World Health Organization in health and innovation projects, team members that worked for renown innovative companies like IBM & Google and 1st class experience in entrepreneurship with team members that received multiple innovation awards like Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur.
-FUNDING NEEDS The ledger support enables us to build & test the MVP including the core components of the community & research platform. The projects seeks a seed round of €760,000 to create a secure & human centred platform that enables people to lead happier & healthier lives.
-STRATEGY AND SCALABILITY iGive2 aims to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing affordable access to healthcare and reducing poverty & inequality. In particular, to reduce premature mortality from chronic diseases by ⅓ through prevention & treatment and promote mental health & well being by 2030 (Target 3.4).