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 Sebnem worked at Siemens on Decentralized Energy Platforms since 2008, managing intl., multi-disciplinary projects. She founded Freeelio as an open R&D collective in 2016 and is a founding member of the Bundesblock since 2017. Armin joined Freeelio after an internship at UNIDO. He holds a M.Sc. in Energy Systems (2018) and gathered experiences with innovative sustainable energy solutions since 2012. He is in charge of Electraseed Fund (EF) production. Marie brings 12 years of corporate law and management experience in Energy Exchange Sector. She is a French Lawyer counselling EF wrt. the new PACTE Law for digital asset service providers. Joaquim joined in 2018 with his 15 years as SW Dev & Architecture in FinTech & Blockchain. Julian is a SW Engineer who started his own SW business at the age of 14. Torsten, Kalle, and Alain are executive producers of EF, w/ each over 20 yrs of entrepreneurship in FinTech, Solar Sector & Sustainability respectively.
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 We will implement an MVP “Impact Investor Dashboard” that outlines the Digital Energy Asset (DEA) standard and its use in the Electraseed Fund pilot pool of clean energy projects. 
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 We will integrate Secure Elements of Riddle & Code with physical energy assets: smart mini-, microgrid, solar park, and solar social housing. 
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 We will design a Ricardian Contract Logic for DEA configurations and prototype in Zenroom. Design and prototype the UX for impact investors and asset owner/operators.
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 For off-grid energy systems in developing countries, the EF foremost relies on the benefits of financial pooling with cleantech asset in developed countries, to create equitable funding conditions off-grid regions. Thus, de-risking investments through enhanced transparency and aggregation of small-scale assets. In return, cleantech assets in developing countries help to attract impact investors in the target markets in developed countries by offering a high social & environmental return. For the scaling of renewable energy communities in developed countries, EF concentrates on Europe due to the large existing relevance & support for energy cooperatives. The EU Renewable Energy Directive II empowers decentralized, small-scale energy asset owners to actively participate in the market. EF focuses on these new market participants to achieve scale. Based on an open source framework, clean energy developers can autonomously digitize the value streams of their projects. The vast network of cleantech asset partners, executive producers, promoters, R&D community, Bundesblock, INATBA is our channel.