A short exercise about external communication: how to generate a text -we all are agreeing upon- using git
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Hello people!!

As discussed with Thomas from FundingBox we would like to have a communication exercise that finalises with the creation of your marketplace profile on the FundingBox platform.

We need to have a communication text per team. Has to be more or less one page.

We thought to start from the one we have made, yet we want you to be able of correct it and cross check. Moreover it is a very good thing to have this written equivalent of the “elevator pitch” out as a living document on git. So, we decided to ask you to please:

  1. Review your team text as it is written on Summa.md
  2. create a file named 1p-NN-Teamname.md and copy a reviewed version of this text, with data you have cross checked and approved
  3. Commit your change on the repository

(to do that, you can follow extra instructions detailed in instructions.md)

You can use the .md editor in gitea or any other form of editor/git you are used and/or learn it yourself in time before going home…

The main advantage for all is that this text will keep track of all changes and notes in the future

and will be a tool for us to start working with for communicating who you are, starting from the founding box platform blog.


-- Federico Bonelli (aka fredd) dyne.org think and do tank