231 Commits (master)

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  Kieran Gibb 8631f3a240
allow keypair to be passed to writer method 2 years ago
  noffle 540f4dc9e4 4.2.1 2 years ago
  noffle 14ccbe05af Merge remote-tracking branch 'gmaclennan/fix-unhandled-error' 2 years ago
  Gregor MacLennan 72f2959daa fix: Don't emit unhandled error on multiplexer 2 years ago
  Gregor MacLennan b0249fefdf
fix: Require package.json with static path 2 years ago
  Gregor MacLennan 237f100526 4.2.0 2 years ago
  Gregor MacLennan a74f5f8bf9
feat: add error types that are easily testable (#37) 2 years ago
  noffle c3ec3fca1a 4.1.11 2 years ago
  noffle 604d24409b fix: don't store the exchange-hypercore on disk 2 years ago
  noffle 6f74ce94c9 4.1.10 2 years ago
  noffle 3a53c3b7e2 fix: destroy mux stream 2 years ago
  noffle 4c6ad849de 4.1.9 2 years ago
  noffle 66bec6c9f9 test: remove ONLY clause 2 years ago
  noffle 6a4134a6b9 maint: npmignore 2 years ago
  noffle 4eab0d1f1c fix: race condition (pending feeds not replicated) 2 years ago
  noffle 4766d57469 debug: clean up debug output a bit 2 years ago
  noffle c0b9bf9402 test: add test for slow storage 2 years ago
  noffle 8e559e8e6e maint: upgrade random-access-memory 2 years ago
  noffle bebaa578fe debug: print multifeed version to debug 2 years ago
  noffle 8b643c2c03 4.1.8 2 years ago
  noffle 81efaa0c4d refactor: clean test + use handshake userData 2 years ago
  noffle 8a8fccb88b chore(npm): ignore test/ dir when publishing 2 years ago
  noffle f3a94b7a52 fix: parse remote handshake data, not our own 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov bc045bfe68 Version bump 4.1.7 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov 23a74fc94b
Merge pull request #33 from telamon/bugfix/close_racing_resistance 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov 67b2d2ebbe Removed console.log used during debug 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov 84e1af6fd7 Reused ready.js to enqueue multifeed#close() calls 2 years ago
  noffle 35d61a9332 Revert "Increase protocol timeout (5s -> 15s)" 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov af5f569dbc Add test that proves racing issue 2 years ago
  Tony Ivanov eef46c0ca8 Avoid crash when no callback provided to close() 2 years ago
  noffle b2513bad80 4.1.6 2 years ago
  noffle 9291635933 Increase protocol timeout (5s -> 15s) 2 years ago
  noffle b1528fd9b9 Increase max listeners on multifeed instance 3 years ago
  noffle c7a2358d00 4.1.5 3 years ago
  noffle e32444b5f5 Prevent crash if 'opts' not given 3 years ago
  noffle a796585a1a remove Hacks (not true anymore / not hacks) 3 years ago
  noffle c1f7551a4e 4.1.4 3 years ago
  noffle 91e05dcba7 Fix number being passed into storage vs string 3 years ago
  noffle 552cfc2c46 Add test for opts.encryptionKey 3 years ago
  noffle e72ce6ed1f 4.1.3 3 years ago
  noffle a06aab0c36 Log more accurately re which feeds are loaded 3 years ago
  noffle 681ef8b5aa Log the encryption key being used 3 years ago
  noffle 8588dcb420 4.1.2 3 years ago
  noffle 2843fa2dbd Use the encryption key name for storage, not _root 3 years ago
  noffle a8c0f2076c Catch root hypercore setup errors + bubble up 3 years ago
  noffle 96062773c0 Rename _fake to _root 3 years ago
  noffle 31139be5ad 4.1.1 3 years ago
  noffle e3c3f2f823 Fix decoding of hex opts.encryptionKey 3 years ago
  noffle 7d9d38ff35 Re-enable all tests 3 years ago
  noffle 3e2fa04826 4.1.0 3 years ago