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  parazyd 489c5d6ad2
Append to the extra_packages array. 2 years ago
  parazyd c68571d285
Minor cleanup and additional info. 2 years ago
  parazyd fce4a1be4c
More updates. 2 years ago
  parazyd a5de9a7f45
Add Debian-based dependencies to the README needed for running the SDKs. 2 years ago
  parazyd 9ec2d8fef8
Complete basic blend. 2 years ago
  parazyd 805c5da2a5
Add reference to Devuan readmes for images. 2 years ago
  parazyd 881725db3f
Use tee to write files in the strapdir. 2 years ago
  parazyd f63b81cf33
Add note about deleting the directories after build. 2 years ago
  parazyd 0233bb0065
Add README. 2 years ago
  parazyd b147ce5928
Add logic for rootfs-overlay. 2 years ago
  parazyd 614ed1614c
Fix syntax error in cobox.blend. 2 years ago
  parazyd 7b18c37dde
Add cobox blend template. 2 years ago
  parazyd eb5b25a155
Add initial git modules. 2 years ago