an encrypted p2p file system and distributed back-up tool 2.1KB


CoBox is an encrypted p2p file system and distributed back-up tool.

Getting Started

# Clone the repo recursively on either http or ssh
git clone --recursive

# install dev dependencies

# start cobox-server
yarn start

# start cobox-server dev server
yarn dev:server

# use the cli
yarn cli


Coops often rely on proprietary services for managing their data, which do not reflect their cooperative principles or business practices.

CoBox is an innovative suite of open hardware and software providing accessible governance tools for organisations and networks. It comprises a human-centric plug and play server with pre-installed privacy enhancing coop software designed to promote members’ data sovereignty. CoBox seeks to build on the historic tendency for networks of coops to collaborate.

CoBox brings a cooperative approach to hosting, treating data as a common good owned by citizens. Leveraging the benefits of self-hosting combined with peer-to-peer technologies to share responsibilities of maintaining data availability.

As well as serving internal organisational governance needs these simple to use tools provide the infrastructure for governance of the CoBox network, to manage, research and guide the ecosystem, providing a state of the art alternative to corporate models.

Project Structure

  • cobox-server provides a localhost API. Loads keys into memory, initialises and manages groups, and provides a querying interface for groups and replicators.
  • cobox-cli is a command-line application that talks to cobox-server
  • cobox-client is a Javascript client speak to cobox-server over HTTP.
  • cobox-group wraps kappa-drive and an additional hypercore log for application data in content encryption, along with compiling indexes using kappa-core
  • cobox-admin-group wraps a single hypercore log for
  • cobox-blind-replicator